Benefits of Udyog Aadhar registration

What is Udyog Aadhar ?

Udyog Aadhar is a 12 digit registration number issued by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to the existing or new small and medium enterprises in the country who have applied for registration.

Following is the procedure for registration of your MSME with government.

Login to Aadhar No. and name of entrepreneur. Site will verify your name with Aadhar database. After verification, following details will require for registration:

  1. Aadhar No.
  2. Name of owner
  3. Name of Enterprise
  4. Type of enterprise
  5. PAN of entrepreneur
  6. Address of enterprise
  7. Date of Commencement of business
  8. Mobile No and Email ID
  9. Bank Details
  10. Major Activity
  11. NIC code
  12. Investment in Plant & Machinery / Equipment

The Benefits of Udyog Aadhar registration

  1. Once registered with MSME, the micro, small or the medium enterprise would be eligible for all government scheme benefits like without guarantee loan, easy loan, a loan with a low rate of interest.
  2. You will be eligible to get various government subsidies
  3. You will get the financial support from the government to participate in foreign expo.
  4. Credit prescription (Priority sector lending)
  5. Statutory support such as reservation and the Interest on Delayed Payments Act. (It is to be noted that the Banking Laws, Excise Law and the Direct Taxes Law have incorporated the word MSME in their exemption notifications.
  6. States/UTs have their own package of facilities and incentives for small scale. They relate to development of industrial estates, tax subsidies, power tariff subsidies, capital investment subsidies and other support.
  7. Both the Centre and the State, whether under law or otherwise, target their incentives and support packages generally to units registered with them.

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